BK-11 info

– Guitar, Johan – Guitar, Gustav – Vocals, Fredrik – Vocals, Emil – Drums, Nils – Vocals, Anders – Bas

Former members:
Robin – Guitar, Kevin – Vocals, Jocke – bas.

Brottskod11 started when Emil Bergslid (drum), Robin Modén (guitar), Fredrik Orvegård (Vocals) and Kevin Nordin was drunk and pissed that there were so few bands in Östersunds punkscene, so they decided to start a band. But it would take about 6 months for anything to happen, they had no place to rehearse and didn’t have a bass-player.

In early January 2011 they started rehearsing at Emil’s parent’s place. They recruited Jocke to play bass for them and now they had everything they needed to get this deathmachine rolling. Kevin sadly had to leave the band due to work but this didn’t stop the band, they continued to rehearse. After about a month or two the band had 4 tracks and a full band, but they felt like something was missing. Johan previously had contact with Emil and Jocke when they were trying to form another band earlier.

The band contacted Johan and he came to testplay with them. Things went great so he stayed in the band as lead guitarist. They rehearsed some more but still felt something was missing. They asked Emil’s younger brother Gustav to join Fredrik on vocals. And he did!

After a few month, Fredrik decided to leave BK11 to move down south and try his luck. Not that long after, Robin also took his suitcase and said thank you to BK11. So now we needed a new vocalist and also a new guitarist, so we asked Johans little brother Nils if he wanted to try out on vocals. He did, and it sounded awsome! To find a new guitarist was a little trickier, but after some time we find Micke, who play the drums in The dead togheter with Johan, and now he is our newest member! But Fredrik moved back to Östersund, and was offcourse welcome back in BK11, so we were then 3 singers, and 7 members total!  But in the middle of April 2012, Jocke decided to leave the band.
But short after that, Anders Åström from New from the front, jumped in on the bas at two gigs with us. He kicked ass! So we decided that he should be a fully member. And now he is!

The End!


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