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Live @ G:a Tingshuset, Östersund 23/9 -11

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More pics from 23/9 -11

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All pictures above taken by Emelie Bergslid, Big Thank’s!

Pictures from the gig 23/9

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All photos taken by Fredrik Larsson. Big up!

Recording Session Day 3

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Day 3:

Jocke, Nils and Emil went to the studio around 13:30 to do some cut and paste in the tracks, Johan showed up around 17 and we recorded some whah-whah guitar solos so hopefully Criticalmass will like this recording too. Hahahaha… Done diddy with everything 19:00 sharp!

It has been three impact and effective days and now we gladly leave the rest to Pontus. The raw punk tunes will end up on following releases:

# Tba 7″ (Phobia Records)
# V/a 12″ (Turist i Tillvaron)
# V/a 7″ (Skippers Corner, Fight Back, Pike, Cow Mag)

Plus 3-4 bonus tracks that we will post on the blog later on. No picture in this post but we didn’t had any camera so what happens in the studio stays in the studio.

Recording Session Day 2

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Day 2:

Today we began a little later then yesterday.  We started recording Robin at 14:30, and he just played the guitar like he hasen’t done anything else in his life! Almost only one takes, good job!

Then we listen to the recordning of Johan’s guitar from last night, sounded like crap so we decided to re-record both the lead- and background guitar, with better and more distorted sound, and this time it sounds fucking great!

The vocals went out great! Evil shit! We also had some help with some backup vocals on one track from John and Chrille from Await the end , big thanks!

We are really tired now, so we are going to do the absolute last things tomorrow afternoon.

More pictures and maybe some more movie clips from this two recording days, and also from the live show the day before yesterday, will be uploaded soon!

Rykande färsk video

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Recording Session Day 1

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Day 1 :

We went out to Empire Studios at 11:00, and began to rehearsed the 4 new tracks for this recording. We also completed one song, and made a whole new one, as we were waiting for Jocke, who always shows up last for some reason and let us do all the dirty work.

At 14:00, we pressed down the Rec button, and Emil just beat the living shit out of the drumset. (He thought anyway)

Some time around 18:30, Jocke took his bas and did the most crazy fucking bas things known to man!  What the hell happend?! Jocke’s new nickname is from now on “Basräkan”. Of course he had some meltdowns and rages, so the rest of the band took cover behind the couch, just in case!

After a couple of hours recording the bas, we went to the store to get som fuel.

Not much to say about Johan’s guitar playing. One takes only! So he recorded the background noise guitar also. Kick ass!

At 04:00 we were all finished with the drums, bass, first guitar and the noisy background guitar.

We ended up with 10 tracks recored, 7 brand new ones, 2 old from our first demo and one cover.

Time for some hours sleep, and then back to business early next morning!

Media blitz

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Taken from Länstidningen, written in swedish.

Doomsday about “Levande Döda” (in swe)

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Östersund trampar på distpedalen återigen och levererar rå, skitig d-taktsdriven hardcorepunk som osar sent svenskt nittiotal.
Jag tänker framförallt på tidiga Acursed tror jag (fast svängigare/mer rocked out), med allt vad det innebär, jag slänger inte lite Kontrovers och Skitsystem och och kryddar med smutsig dist.
Det är bra driv och låtmaterialet på ‘Levande döda’ är schysst, inget standard-kängande precis.
Vi snackar självklart inget revolutionerande men Brottskoderna vet hur man drar slipstenen. Ljudet är schysst, wau-wau-pedalsolona pärla, basliret är fladdrigt och gött och växelsången är lagom plågad, kan man begära så mycket mer egentligen!?
Den här zombieinfesterade 8 låtars härden innehåller en fin knippe låtar med rå, svängig skit. Det är nått i stuket så får mig att tänka på något annat band oxå men jag kommer inte på vilket nu så det får vara, det låter bra, näven vevar!

Link to Doomsday HERE! 

About the “zombie-punk” thing.

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We felt that we wanted to explain the whole zombie thing since more or less all reviews we get is about us dressing up like zombies?! Many people seems to believe that we have the zombie make-up on when we are playing live, and have this like our trademark or something. Which is not the case.

Do you see any zombies here, here, here, here or here? We sure don’t.

YES! indeed we dressed our self up as zombies in
our music video, cuz the song is about the living dead (Levande död),
and we thought it would be fun and cool to dress up just for this video.
But we are NOT a zombie-punk band, and we do NOT dress
up like this when we are playing live, or ever.

We are just a rawpunk band from the north,
and nothing else. We have 1 lyric out of 13 songs about zombies.

So now you all know, how it is about the zombie thing! And for our
upcoming releases and shows you will see that we don’t wear make-up
nor drinking blood on stage.

Stay Brutal!
/ Brottskod 11