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Slavestate about “Levande döda” (in swe)

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Kassett. Sepiatonat, tecknat zombiefilms-minnande omslag.
Låttitlar som ”Pissad i käften” och ”Känd för vadå?”.
Det råder ingen större tvekan om vad som inom kort kommer
drabba det på nyproducerad musik relativt utsvultna kassettdäcket.
Brottskod 11 smäller på ordentligt med en riktigt grottig,
tokdistad, ibland nästan death metal-liknande kängexplosion
under åtta pinfärska spår.
Kassetten spelades in i slutet av april i år,
och bland klassiska punktextteman som att reklam skapar
ätstörningar och att kändisskap inte betyder något alls om du
inte de facto åstadkommit saker återfinns så pass aktuella
ämnen som Fukushimakatastrofen och det pinsamma utspelet om
att kulturarbetare ska förväntas arbeta gratis.
Brottskod 11 är, förutom att de ståtar med sina sex förnamn
på innerkonvolutet, ett för mig totalt anonymt band,
men ställt i relation till hur tung och välgjord ”Levande döda”
är skulle det inte alls överraska mig om Emil, Fredrik, Jocke,
Robin, Johan och Gustav vid sidan av Brottskod 11 återfinns i
varsitt betydligt mer namnkunnigt band i genren.

By:  Michael Porali

Link to Slavestate HERE! 

My Last Chapter about “Levande Döda”

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Brottskod 11 – Levande döda MC
Genre: Crustcore
Origin: Sweden
Released: 2011
Label: Distort the World
Uploaded: 11.07.11

There’s been a lot of talk, and almost a state of hype before they even
recorded anything, about Brottskod 11. I’m not too damn familiar with
the band, but if I’m not mistaken the lads are involved with acts such
as Desperat, Warvictims and Totalt Jävla Mörker as well as the
supreme label D-Takt & Råpunk Records. Suppose that’s what all
the fuzz has been about; the band members’ other affiliations.
Judging from thecover art and the video for Levande döda
(the song, that is) I honestly would’ve guessed they’d go for a much
heavier zombie theme, something that’s out of the ordinary for the
punk and hardcore scene, but much morecommon in grind and
death metal. But it doesn’t come through much lyrically
(and is really only present in the title track), so I suppose it’s more
stylistically centered on the theme. Having read a couple of reviews
previous to receiving the tape myself Ihadquite high expectations;
people seemed to pretty much just love it, without remarks.

But I gotta say I am a little disappointed seeing as it doesn’t live
up to me bloody high hopes and expectations, and lands
smack-centre in the midst of all other Östersund related crust acts.
It’s not like you haven’t heard it all before,and it’s not like you
haven’t heard it done better either, but I suppose that still doesn’t
have tomean it’s by any means bad. The sound quality is too
rough for my taste.
I have no problems with tapes, and in fact I still have a huge stack
of old demos and compilations, but I’ve heard much cleaner sound
on the format.
It’s a bit too screechy, lacking any and all bass and heftiness to it,
and I suppose that was their intention.
What we’re dealing with here is plain and simple old school
hardcorepunk, in many ways reminiscent of the early 90ies
Swedish scene, and I can’t help but think of Snifter’s cruder
recordingsfor comparison.
There are traces of Japanese dis-punk, as well as British
(but I suppose that’s a given), and for a track like Inför döden
I get these seriously strong American vibes, in particular that of
their Scandicrust style (Masskontroll, State of Fear and whatnot).
But no matter where your mind might wander it all comes back to
an older school of semi-noisy crustcore.
Both the vocalists have a pitch that I’m not too damn fond of,
which makes it a tad troublesome for me to truly get swept away
by the otherwise fairly hard-hitting Brottskod 11.
The dual vocals do however work really well, and they don’t falter
with too obvious patterns and switches, like many other acts do.
Lyrically it deals with quite common topics for the style, but with a
couple of them being of very current events, like the revolts in Egypt,
Syria and Libya as well as the nuclear plant situation in Japan.
I guess that means it’s not all stale subjects we’ve all heard beaten
to death thousands of times before.
My copy is of the second press of the tape, consisting of 150 copies,
as the original 100 copies sold out in a jiffy.
Released on the sub-label of D-Takt & Råpunk Records, Distort the World,
and everything they release seem to sell out just through pre-orders.
People really go nuts for everything these frozen crusties of the
north take part in.
They do have a knack for releasing seriously arse-shredding stuff,
and I have no doubt Brottskod 11 could deliver, but I do need a
better sounding production to really get in to it.

Link to My Last Chapter HERE!